Ok, here we come to the very serious stuff. This is the cross of the crosses - again fulfilled by the hands obviously blessed of Ralph Mangelsdorff! ...five seedlings where obtained, two survived (the full story can be read in: Aroideana Vol. 35: The first successful hybrid of Amorphophallus titanum; Cyrille Claudel, Mangelsdorff & Wilbert L. A. Hetterscheid) and this is one of them. A totally fascinating cross! ...have a look at A. variabilis and then at A. titanum and then question yourself how this was possible?!...it's time to be deeply amazed...!


This cultivar is named in the honor of Mr. John Tan, an extraordinary man whose help giving birth to these crosses can't be overestimated!


Amorphophallus 'John Tan' (A. variabilis x A. titanum)

What's new?

After a long hibernation time I intend to make some updates now and in the new future.


First step:


The first pulchellus x myosuroides seedling has flowered!


A few selected plants will be released as cultivars.