Here comes the first Amorphophallus hybrid involving three Amorphophallus species! Amorphophallus boyceanus pollinated with pollen from Amorphophallus 'John Tan' (A. variabilis x A. titanum). This is interesting in several ways. Firstly it demonstrates that Amorphophallus hybrids can be fertile. Second: the characteristics of the involved species can be "mixed" in different arrangements or combinations! in the extreme case this could yield plants with the size of A. titanum but an inflorescence of A. variabilis/boyceanus - or plants in the range of variabilis/boyceanus with an inflorescence...


For further information please have a look at the newest Aroideana.


A. boyceanus, female parent

A. 'John Tan, male parent

After only three years the first plant decided to flower. Though it surely is a beautiful inflorescence I must admit that I am a bit disappointed as the influence of A. titanum (through A. 'John Tan') is limited down to zero. 

Some overall impressions of the seedlings