Another surprise from Ralph Mangelsdorff. An african crossed with an asiatic species. Though Amorphophallus konjac is relatively closely related to the African group it turns out that it is not closely enough. All seedlings are nearly pure white, synthesis of chlorophyll doesn't work properly as in A. henryi x A. yunnanensis and in

A. albus x A. declinatus, A. albus x A. longituberosus and

A. albus x A. tenuispadix from Alan Galloway. This phenomenon is relatively common when plants are crossed which are too distantly related or otherwise incompatible. In this case it might happen that enough or no chlorophyll at all will be synthetised for survival but it is unlikely that the plants will be good growers.


Back to A. consimilis x A. konjac. Several weeks later at least some of them turned green, who knows maybe they will make it after all?

What's new?

After a long hibernation time I intend to make some updates now and in the new future.


First step:


The first pulchellus x myosuroides seedling has flowered!


A few selected plants will be released as cultivars.