After long years of crossing, selection and consideration I have decided to release a few plants as cultivars. I hope and believe that these display a beauty of their own, outstanding enough to ensure them a safe place in culture(s) on a long-term perspective. They cannot be mistaken fo either of their parents and display enhanced traits either in terms of inflorescence size or colour. Additionally they are more easily cultured and nurtured than their respective parents due to hybrid vigour. I have shared them with some friends and hope they will multiply easily and spread around the globe. For the time being I will deposit material in herbaria as reference as well as further pictures and more extensively descriptions in a near future here.


The first one to be officially described years ago was Amorphophallus 'John Tan' and I still think it is one of the most interesting hybrids for several reasons. For example the difference in size between the parents (A. variabilis and A. titanum) but also the fact that the resemblance to other giant species (for example A. decus-silvae) could suggest that reticulate evolution might have taken place in this particular group of species.


I would like to add a few more siblings to A. 'John Tan', that's to say a few more cultivars from other crosses I particularly appreciate.


The cultivars are namely: 


Amorphophallus 'Kiat Tan'


Amorphophallus 'Mary Sizemore'


Amorphophallus 'Meister Eckardt'


Amorphophallus 'Heine'


Amorphophallus 'Majda'


I hope these cultivars will be enjoyed!