Amorphophallus is very likely the most spectacular genus within the aroids! It is one of the larger genera, exhibiting more than 220 different species from the palaeotropics. A vast majority of these are of high ornamental value - still, no attempts have been made in matters of hybridization. We have. And, despite their very special aromatic properties, we hope to unveil the beauty encrypted inside these interspecific crosses. For further information have a look at: Aroideana vol. 35, Hybridization of Amorphophallus – state of the art, Cyrille Claudel & Alan Galloway.As well as the enuing papers.


General information, including general culture instructions can be found here, furthermore I strongly recommend to buy the Aroideana vol. 19

Amorphophallus aphyllus

What's new?

After a long hibernation time I intend to make some updates now and in the new future.


First step:


The first pulchellus x myosuroides seedling has flowered!


A few selected plants will be released as cultivars.