This is not a hybrid, but I thought it to be worthy enough to be included here. A cross between two interesting A. konjac forms (A. 'Nightstick' and a wild collected form with a slightly bluish leaf). I kept only the uniformly colored petiole seedlings. Some of them look very promising to my eye! Below are some general impressions as well as a little movie from 2013:

Out of this cross three plants finally proved to be of higher interest. The first one is very similar to its "father" A. konjac 'Nightstick' but is a bit more resistant and has a slightly glaucous (bluish) leaf which makes it particularly attractive! 

The second one has a more reddish petiole, especially when thriving. Later on it darkens.

And the best one to my eye is KK35 which has pure green petiole when thriving. Here too, depending on the light intensity, the petiole darkens during the time but it is still plendid!

What's new?

After a long hibernation time I intend to make some updates now and in the new future.


First step:


The first pulchellus x myosuroides seedling has flowered!


A few selected plants will be released as cultivars.